Ways I could improve my presentation

After giving my presentation to the class on the game Final Fantasy 7 I was met with a mark which was average so how could I improve on the presentation I gave?

Upon looking back at the presentation I gave it is quite noticeable that I focused more on the emotional connection I made with the game, which led to a lack in actual focus on the functionality of the game.

More attention needed to be paid to the elements that made its so memorable in its time like the turn based combat system in 3D that still remained engaging and the way that enemies were mostly invisible but would load a combat state upon interaction.

I needed to focus more on audience interaction as well so that they were more engaged and even asked some questions on how they felt about particular mechanics in games that may have been similar.

The presentation itself needed less writing on the slides and more focus on pics, also the inclusion of one or two sound clips to drive home the meaning behind what im saying would have helped as well.



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